ALBA has made her way into the UK music scene armed with her smoky, soulful vocals, virtuoso guitar skills and captivating live performances.

The Spanish-born artist has developed a neo-soul-influenced pop-rock sound, labelled as "soul-pop" by tastemakers.

ALBA's songs are both thoughtful and thought-provoking, as she uses her music to make a difference and raise awareness about social and environmental issues, speaking up as a feminist and an Environmentalist.


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I love the bluesy feel to this song and her voice. It's smoky and it's got depth to it that you don't get in pop music today. Stack her vocal talents up against her guitar playing and she's an incredible talent. She does cross over from pop to rock to blues and it makes her an exceedingly well-rounded artist. It's very cool to hear the influences pour out of her music and how authentically her own the art she's creating is. There's not many other artists out there that have a vibe similar to hers and I can't honestly think of many female artists to compare her to. I'd be more apt to say she's similar to Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jonny Lang than comparing her to artists like Halsey or Lorde. And I think the world needs a whole lot more of her. She's unique and she's blazing her own trail

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Alba’s music has been best described as a blend between old-school rock-blues and her passion for today’s soul/R&B and pop music. With inspiration ranging from Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder to Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and John Mayer, her new single Heartbeat tips its hat to all of those. Her vocals are soulful, while the accompanying guitars are rooted in rock-blues territory. But while there’s plenty of both, they don’t always collide. The guitars are reserved for the moments when Alba doesn’t sing, with pianos and drum beats occupying the background when she does, thereby heightening that soul-pop vibe. It’s catchy, summery stuff.  The London-based singer-songwriter is also a passionate environmental campaigner and talks passionately about how music can be green and environmentally friendly. She’s well worth listening to.

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Classy female fronted rock starring the eponymous Alba upfront, with undertones of funk and soul in the crisp, accomplished playing you can detect elements of old groovy gear such as The Doobie Brothers and The Doors, with hints at Hendrix, Joss Stone, Stevie Wonder and Led Zep. High-end musicianship and star quality to the fore